Halloween basics | 万圣节基本信息

Halloween: 万圣节

When | 到底哪一天?

October 31st every year: 每年10月31日

The date is always the same, unlike many other American holidays such as Thanksgiving which change dates:  万圣节是固定的10月31日,不像有些美国节日,如感恩节,不是固定的日期

Pronunciation 怎么读?

Halloween [ˌhæloˈin]

Meaning 意义?

It has to do ghosts in the beginning. But it's a big party now: 起源和鬼怪有关,但现在就是一个轻松、好玩儿的大派对

Spooky: 诡异的

P.S. 昨天(10月30日)是Spencer的生日


Happy belated birthday: 送你迟到的生日祝福!


  • Dress up in fun costumes:  穿好玩儿的道具服

  • Stuff your face with candy: 猛吃糖

  • Terrorize the neighborhood: 在小区恶作剧

A no-pressure holiday | 没压力的节日


Halloween is a fun holiday for both kids and adults: 万圣节对孩子、大人来说,都很好玩儿

It's not so serious or sacred: 不是那么严肃、神圣

It's a no-pressure holiday: 是个没有压力的节日

Think of it as a big party: 基本上就是一个大派对

Costume categories | 装扮流派

Different costume categories: 道具服、装扮的几个大类

Boys often dress up as superheroes:小男孩儿最爱超级英雄,如超人、蜘蛛侠


Or monsters, goblins, ghouls: 或者打扮成小魔鬼、小怪兽

Little girls often dress up as princesses or witches: 小女孩儿最喜欢打扮成小公主或者小女巫

You can either go for the dark side or the bright side: 装扮可以选择黑暗形象或者正面形象

Creative, funny, topical | 创意、搞笑、热点

For adults, dressing up as superheros or monsters is too old, been there, done that: 对大人来说,打扮成超级英雄、或者鬼怪已经没有创意了

Tons of people will dress up as Trump and Hillary this year: 今年,当然最流行打扮成特朗普、希拉里 (特别是大人打扮,会走这种路线)

You can go for the creative and surprise factor: 可以走创意、意想不到的路线
People in the news are often inspiration for costumes: 新闻人物通常是很多人的灵感来源
There’s also a lot of crossdressing: 也可以男扮女装、女扮男装
For example, women dress up as Trump, men dress up as Hillary: 比如女的打扮成特朗普、男的打扮成希拉里

上面的希拉里和比尔克林顿其实是水果姐Katy Perry和精灵王子Orlando Bloom扮的。

Creative Halloween costumes | 再来些创意万圣节装扮

Themed costume parties on Halloween: 还有主题装扮派对,去的人一定要打扮成和主题相关的样子。比如美剧主题、还有上图这种美食主题,把自己打扮成甜甜圈、肯德基、酱油

Trick or Treat | 万圣节讨糖

Kids love trick-or-treating: 小朋友最喜欢“不给糖,就捣蛋”了

Kids dress up in a costume and knock on neighbor’s doors: 穿上万圣节道具服,挨家挨户敲门讨糖

Kids will say “Trick or treat!” to ask for candy: 小朋友会大声说“Trick or Treat!"

A treat is a candy: “treat"这里指的就是糖果
If you don’t give out candy, kids might play a trick on you: 如果你不给糖,小朋友也许会搞个恶作剧


Fitting in: get your candy ready, have fun on Halloween!



Why trick or treat? 为什么要讨糖? 

Halloween is very commercialized:万圣节是非常商业化的节日

Candy manufacturers make so much money on Halloween. They put a lot of marketing dollar behind it: 讨糖就是糖果、巧克力生产商想出来的点子,每年万圣节都会投入大笔市场费用、然后大赚一笔

Costume manufacturers too: 道具服商家也一样

Fun with pumpkins | 南瓜新玩法

Jack-o-lantern: 万圣节南瓜灯

Pick pumpkins in a pumpkin patch: 去南瓜地买南瓜
Carve them into jack-o’-lanterns: 雕刻成南瓜灯
It’s just a fun tradition: 很好玩儿的传统

Trump and Hillary jack-o-lanterns: 特朗普、希拉里南瓜灯

够胆量?去鬼屋|Haunted house tours

Haunted house: 鬼屋注意不叫 “ghost house”

If a ghost lives somewhere, that place is haunted: haunted的意思就是闹鬼的
I went to New Orleans one year during Halloween, and they claimed to be the most haunted city in America: 有一年万圣节我正好在新奥尔良,那里号称是美国最诡异的城市
I joined a haunted house tour where a guide took us to some really old spots at night, but I didn’t find it scary: 我参加了一个当地的鬼屋团,但也没觉得很可拍
Do you believe in ghosts? 你相信有鬼吗?

Perhaps ghosts exist in a different dimension: 也许它们生存在另一个维度

怀旧万圣节 | Older Halloween traditions


There’s a game called Bobbing for Apples: 我小时候,会玩儿一个咬苹果的游戏
You put apples in a bucket of water: 把一堆苹果放在水桶里
Compete against each other to see how many apples they can bob for using just their teeth: 只能用牙咬出来,不能用手拿
It doesn't sound safe, and it’s not that commonly played now: 现在回想起来,真不太安全,怪不得现在玩儿的人也不多了
You can also go on a hay ride: 小时候也有万圣节稻草拖拉机游车
They put a bunch of hay on a big tractor and you ride around on the farm: 在拖拉机上放一大堆稻草,小朋友坐在上面游车河
Halloween in China | 万圣节在中国

Halloween wasn’t celebrated at all in China a few year ago: 前几年在中国,没人过万圣节
But now in Shanghai, Halloween is everywhere: 但现在在上海,万圣节也随处可见
Even convenience stores sell Halloween-themed items: 便利店都有万圣节的东西
Lots of preschools will throw parties for the kids: 很多幼儿园还有万圣节活动

It's all commercialized: 都是商业化的套路

你参加万圣节活动了吗?有没有带孩子去trick or treat? 欢迎给我们留言哦!

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